Fjords and mountains


Polar training

Winter in Norway is simply fantastic, with 2-3 metres of snow and magical light. Join us in our cabin high up in the Norwegian mountain areas to learn all about the skills you need to enjoy the snow and the mountains safely, learn to ski, pull a pulk, and sleep out for two nights in a tent, snow cave or an igloo

Crossing Hardangervidda

A committing journey travelling over the high arctic plateau of the Hardanger – famous for its links with the WW2 Heroes of Telemark, and used as a training ground by Amundsen before his expedition to the South Pole. This is a great 'next step' trip for those who have completed the winter training course.


Crossing Norway

This ‘classic’ adventure, skiing from the Swedish border to the Norwegian west coast, covers 100km of mountainous scenery in the Trøndelag region at 63 degrees north. It could also be called ‘To Hell and back…’ – the name of the train station where we start and finish! A great training trip for longer ski expeditions.