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Ice and glaciers

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Greenland Crossing

Crossing Greenland on skis is one of our most beautiful, but physically demanding trips on skis. 560 km pulling a sledge weighing 60 kg requires good preparations, the best expedition food, and training. Sign up now for a place on this classic crossing.

Greenland preparation course

After more than 20 successful trips to the North Pole, South Pole and Greenland we have the guides and the skills to show you all the small details that make a huge difference on longer ski journeys. This is the perfect training for those planning to join our Greenland Crossing in the future


Training & Logistics

Planning a speed crossing of the Greenland icecap, skiing all the way to the North or South Pole, undertaking your own personal challenge? Ask about our advice and support service, training and nutrition plans, logistics, GPS co-ordinates and communications.

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