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North Pole

Skiing on a frozen ocean

Last Degree

The North Pole has it all with pressure ridges, open water, and a labyrinth of ice and snow that forms a magical scenery where the sun never sets. This is an adventure for the true explorer with the same equipment, food and polar routines as on a full crossing of the Polar Ocean.

North Pole Express

Only a few hours after leaving Svalbard, you can be celebrating at the North Pole with one of our highly experienced guides. Magical and untouched, with 1000 km to the nearest neighbour, we will be positioned at a unique point on our planet where all the time zones meet.


Half Degree 

This is the perfect trip for explorers to encounter a small taste of life at the North Pole. With five nights in a tent and 60 km on skis skis, you will return with amazing memories of this unique landscape and the mesmerizing lighting effects of the ever-changing polar ocean.

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