Explore the untouched

Svalbard Crossing

Wild and magnificent – this is untouched Svalbard beyond the snowmobile tracks, trails and traditional tourist routes. A polar bear was spotted on last year's trip. 10 days on skis is the perfect 'stepping stone' for those considering future longer ski trips - full distance South Pole or crossing Greenland?

Svalbard Summer Ski

24 hours daylight and long comparatively warm summer days, our ski tour trip takes a journey over the glaciers to the north of Isfjord. With a drop-off and pickup by RIB boats, it will be a true remote and wild adventure with polar bears, glaciers, nunataks and dramatic polar landscape.

Northern Lights_edited.jpg

High Arctic Adventure

A bespoke action-packed Arctic adventure in Svalbard or Northern Norway – choose from dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice cave trip, snowshoe walks, life with the Sami, ice fishing...
With the distinct opportunity on our February trip of glimpsing the mesmerizing aurora phenomena – the Northern Lights.