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Explore the untouched

Svalbard Crossing

Wild and magnificent – this is untouched Svalbard beyond the snowmobile tracks, trails and traditional tourist routes. A polar bear was spotted on last year's trip. 10 days on skis is the perfect 'stepping stone' for those considering future longer ski trips - full distance South Pole or crossing Greenland?

Svalbard Explorer

Our seven days ski tour on the northern fringe of Europe, is a great starting point to explore the polar regions ‘close-up’ – it’s purposely designed to give an action-packed ski adventure in a short period of time. This is a unique opportunity to learn what it’s like to be on tour in ‘winter time’ in a polar environment.

Northern Lights_edited.jpg

Svalbard Polar Bespoke

For those dreaming of their own future polar expeditions, who want to learn how to deal with a wide variety of winter polar conditions... Even on a short bespoke training trip, the increased ‘wilderness aspect’ will likely affect you with a lifetime desire to keep returning to fulfill your ‘polar bug’.

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